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Learning to Sing

the choir at practice

"The result of good training of the child's voice is a quality of tone, perfect intonation and evenness of the voice from the top to the bottom range."


Quotation from The Child's
, Browne and Behnke, 1888.


In early years, children are particularly sensitive to musical tone. That's why it's so important to train the voice correctly from an early age. Although the voice develops differently for each child, we focus on the following building blocks of good vocal technique:

Beginning Choristers (Ages 5-7)

At Crescendo, young choristers begin by finding the singing voice. Sustained soft singing on a high note and gradually bringing this head voice down, rather than the chest voice up, builds a forward ringing tone. Posture and breathing techniques are introduced.

Intermediate Choristers (Ages 8-10)

At this stage, children learn how to breathe with the abdomen expanded to support the tone. Resonance and proper vocal placement are worked on. Note reading is introduced.

Advanced Choristers (Ages 11 and up)

Now choristers work on attack and vocal flexibility. At this age vocal muscles are able to expand and contract rapidly, giving the voice greater agility. Phrasing and expression are emphasized. Advanced singers strive for evenness of tone, and vowel modification with no break between the registers.

Although we sing in a variety of styles, a classical foundation is what we build on.