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What We Believe

The best way to appreciate good music is through performance. Crescendo encourages all children to perform frequently from an early age.


Children can and do appreciate good music. The music studied and performed by Crescendo emphasizes the best of the secular and sacred music from all periods and regions.


Children gain by working with adult performers. Crescendo seeks opportunities for selected children to perform at the professional and university level, and involves professionals in its own performances.


Families are enriched by participation in their children's development. Volunteer help from family members, particularly in support of large productions, is essential to our mission.

Our Mission

Crescendo was founded in 2004 with the mission to enrich children's lives by developing within them an enduring love of the performing arts.


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Crescendo's Beginnings

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In my work as a choral conductor, I was struck by how easily children could learn what we often think of as complex music. Not only could they learn a piece like Pierne's Les Enfants a Bethleem, but they could recognize its merits immediately. For these kids, the more challenging the music, the more engaged they became.  Above all, I found that the opportunity to perform took their musical appreciation to a new level.

— Nancy Macfarlane, Artistic Director